UNBEGUN makes unique products from materials with a story. A green story, according to the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).



Boedelbak, the Dutch market leader in trailer rental, and UNBEGUN have joined forces. Together they introduce a collection made from old trailer tarps. For example, the iconic yellow-blue sails are given a new purpose after years of loyal service.


For years, the sails of Boedelbak protected the household effects of many Dutch people. They have traveled town and country. They braved wind and weather. And then they were discarded. A shame, thought Boedelbak and Martijn Hemelaar, owner of UNBEGUN. That is why they give the old trailer tarps from Boedelbak a second life. “It’s fantastic that we can extend the life of these old sails by a few more years. Where discarded sails usually go to the incinerator, through this collaboration we can make many people happy with a unique bag or laptop sleeve with a special story.” said Martin.


As a result of the collaboration between Boedelbak and UNBEGUN, no fewer than 2500 sails are recycled into new products. Depending on the type of product, 10 to 15 products can be made from a tarpaulin. UBEGUN cuts the sails to size with patterns. The cut parts are washed and then processed into a bag or laptop sleeve. Huub Zandvliet, manager of Boedelbak, indicates that it is important to contribute to the environment: “A trailer tarp is replaced every 5 years. They have done their job, but are still of excellent quality. We have therefore chosen to keep our old sails and store them neatly. We didn’t know what we would do with it yet, but it was certain that we would recycle it. When we got into conversation with Martijn, there was an immediate click. Our mission to recycle the sails really took shape.

yellow + BLue = GReEN

But how much impact does this collaboration have on the environment? In the Netherlands, waste streams, such as PVC waste, are generally incinerated. Energy is recovered with this combustion. The collaboration between UNBEGUN and Boedelbak keeps a total of 30,000 kg of sail from these incinerators. Recycling these sails saves 61,800 kilograms of CO2 equivalents. This is apparent from research by Hedgehog Company, a Dutch company that specializes in life cycle assessments (LCA). This amount of CO2 is equivalent to the consumption of 18,945 liters of new diesel (B7). With this, an average truck (using 35 liters per 100 km) can drive around the earth and then from Amsterdam to the border of Mongolia and back again.

And what does that mean per product? To further investigate the impact of the collaboration, the emissions from the production of the UNBEGUN laptop sleeve have been calculated. The production of the UNBEGUN laptop sleeve is 1.99 kg CO2 equivalents. That is less than the emissions from one liter of petrol. This in itself does not say much, but if you compare it with an average laptop sleeve, you can conclude that the production of a UNBEGUN laptop sleeve is 0.39 kg net CO2 equivalents lower; and that is almost 20% less CO2 emissions. More than half of these emissions come from electricity for lighting and washing machine, and gas for heating. As a result of this research, UNBEGUN will switch to a green energy supplier this year, so that emissions will decrease by more than 50%. Besides the fact that UNBEGUN and Boedelbak are launching a nice collection of products, the recycling of these 2500 sails also leads to a huge positive impact on the environment.

Now available via the UNBEGUN webshop

The collection includes laptop sleeves and various shoulder bags. In addition to the old sails from Boedelbak, other recycled materials are used when making these products, such as recycled foam in the laptop sleeve and a lining made of recycled plastic (RPET). The products are available at www.unbegun.nl


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