Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

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With a Life Cycle Analysis you map the broad environmental impact of a product or organization.



Remote or on-site communication for data collection. Program 1-5 months.


iso 14040 & ISO 14044

Our LCA complies with all international guidelines.

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What is a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)?

A Life Cycle Analysis or Assessment (LCA) maps the environmental impact of a product. This environmental impact is measured in different categories such as climate warming potential, ozone depletion, eco- or human toxicological effects or land use change. This analysis concerns the entire life cycle of a product, including the method of production, the effects during use and the waste processing of the product. A simple example of what can be done with the data from a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is the substantiation for the choice between plastic, paper or glass cups at a festival.


The information provided by an LCA provides the opportunity to make environmentally conscious choices in the design of a product or in further design. With the aim of minimizing the environmental impact. It contributes to a company’s sustainability strategy and can be used in internal and external communication.

Life Cycle Analysis