Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

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With a Life Cycle Analysis you map the broad environmental impact of a product or organization.



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iso 14040 & ISO 14044

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The information provided by a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) provides the opportunity to make environmentally conscious choices in the design of a product or in further design. With the aim of minimizing the environmental impact. It contributes to a company’s sustainability strategy and can be used in internal and external communication.

Life Cycle Analysis

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What is a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)?

A Life Cycle Analysis or Assessment (LCA) maps the environmental impact of a product. This environmental impact is measured in different categories such as climate warming potential, ozone depletion, eco- or human toxicological effects or land use change. This analysis concerns the entire life cycle of a product, including the method of production, the effects during use and the waste processing of the product. A simple example of what can be done with the data from a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is the substantiation for the choice between plastic, paper or glass cups at a festival.

Every LCA-project is unique. Whether we make an LCA of sheet piles, computer mouses or measure the entire environmental performance of a company, we are confident that we can always find a solution by cooperation. One of the things that all LCA-projects have in common, is that they always start with a (digital) cup of coffee!

Joost Walterbos

founder Hedgehog, LCA-expert

Product LCA EPD CO2

Product LCA

The life cycle analysis of a single product shows the environmental impact and possible environmental cost indicator (ECI) of your product. Based on the LCA we can publish an Environmental Product Declaration (an EPD). We use product LCAs also regularly as a pilot project since it's relatively approachable.

Management LCA EPD CO2

Organisational LCA

We measure your entire organisation with the LCA methodology. We visualise material flows and identify the environmental impact of every product that leaves the organisation. Adopting this approach we identify environmental hotspots throughout the value chain of your organisation, from cradle to grave.

Finance LCA EPD CO2

Financial Institutions

Using the LCA methodology, we measure the environmental impact of a complete portfolio. This allows to display and monitor the environmental performance for the portfolio manager, investors and the investees. Hence, we can unlock active ownership developing goal-driven strategies to reduce the impact of the entire portfolio.

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