Guide to nitrogen-free housing

If you include nitrogen integrally in command, it's not an issue at all.

Tackling the nitrogen crisis

Under the leadership of C-creators, a foundation that is committed to scaling up circular construction, we wrote a study together with Platform31 on low-nitrogen construction for the province of North Holland. Together with municipalities and representatives from the construction sector, we mapped out the most promising ways of low-nitrogen construction in the province of North Holland.

The reason for this guideline was the nitrogen crisis: the undesirable situation of closed housing projects as a result of the nitrogen ruling of the Council of State. The aim of this guideline is to offer municipalities and market parties an action perspective from this nitrogen crisis. We present concrete and practical interventions that can make a significant contribution to nitrogen reduction or are a promising innovation for other relevant reasons.

“Circular construction offers starting points for reducing nitrogen emissions in the short and long term. In addition
as part of a broader process of making construction more sustainable, it provides several benefits for health, quality of life,
biodiversity and CO2 reduction. This makes it relevant for municipalities to gain more insight into measures that
bring benefits beyond nitrogen reduction alone.”

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Handreiking stikstofvrije woningbouw
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