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A CO2 reduction plan for CO2 neutral business operations in 2030!

CO2 reduction

Finish Profiles Group B.V. from Purmerend is a producer and supplier of a wide range of roof profile sheets and accessories. Finish Profiles is looking for innovative applications in steel construction and offers them in an accessible way for people and companies.

This process started with a CO2 footprint of the year 2019. Based on this calculation, an investment has been made at the Black Jaguar Foundation whose CO2 absorption as a result of this investment corresponds to the CO2 emissions up to 2030, in accordance with the measures resulting from this report.

In the follow-up report, a step-by-step strategy has been developed to achieve the goal of the Finish Profiles Group in 2030: a CO2-neutral business. The route to 2030 has been mapped out by means of a strategic CO2 reduction plan with a link between the right subsidies and legal sustainability obligations.

A timeline and an action plan clearly map out when which measure should be taken and an estimate of the size of a potential investment.

Finally, advice was given on internal and external communication. This way, all employees and customers can be taken on a journey to a CO2-neutral 2030 for the Finish Profiles Group!

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