CO2 Reduction

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Het doel van CO2-Compensatie


With a CO2 reduction plan to net CO2 neutral in 2030.



Location visit and a trajectory of about 3 months.



Reducing CO2 spread over the years up to 2030.

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How does CO2 reduction work?

A suitable continuation of the CO2 footprint is to reduce CO2. Our CO2 reduction plans are characterized by an ambitious target with a feasible plan and entrepreneurial support. We link investments to subsidies and spread these investments over the coming years. In addition, large parts of CO2 emissions often do not even require investments, but only need to be strategically planned.

We calculate all investments for you. We then report the payback period and see which order is the most advantageous. Finally, we look at which measures are eligible for subsidies


To make your company future-proof and give it a right to exist, you need to operate CO2-free. When every company reduces its direct CO2 emissions (scope 1 and 2), we have an emission-free economy. We also provide beautiful communication material so that you can take your employees and customers with you on your journey to CO2-neutral.

Scopes Emissions
Overview of the scope 1,2 and 3 emissions of a company. Click to enlarge.


Carbon Calculator: E-Freight Forwarding
E-Freight Forwarding is a young company that distinguishes itself in fast global logistics with a paperless process. Unfortunately, logistics is associated with greenhouse gas emissions that are still difficult to reduce. Through the carbon calculator we offer their customers the opportunity to compensate their packages. In addition, we help E-Freight Forwarding to operate CO2-neutrally itself.