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A carbon footprint is an inventory of all greenhouse gases of the organization expressed in CO2.



Requires remote communication and normally takes no longer than 2 months.


iso 14064 & GHG protocol

Our CO2 footprint complies with international guidelines.

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What is a CO2 footprint?

A carbon footprint is a calculation of the company’s total greenhouse gas emissions over the past year. This CO2 emissions inventory creates a picture of the status quo of the contribution to climate change. Other environmental impacts such as water use, land use or soil pollution are not taken into account.

The calculation and preparation of this CO2 footprint is based on the GHG protocol and ISO 14064. These are the global standards for quantifying, monitoring, reporting and verifying greenhouse gas emissions.


The CO2 footprint gives a clear picture of the direct emissions within the boundaries of your company. It therefore shows whether you use clean machines, burn a lot of gas and what the state of the vehicle fleet is.

CO2 footprint
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Noordereng Groep
In addition to all the beautiful, sustainable construction projects that we are developing together with the Noordereng Group, it was also time for CO2-neutral business operations. We have mapped out the CO2 emissions and compensated them with one of our partners.​
Carbon Calculator: E-Freight Forwarding
E-Freight Forwarding is a young company that distinguishes itself in fast global logistics with a paperless process. Unfortunately, logistics is accompanied by greenhouse gas emissions that are still difficult to reduce. Through the carbon calculator we offer their customers the opportunity to compensate their packages. In addition, we help E-Freight Forwarding to operate CO2-neutrally itself.