We are Hedgehog Company.

Create impact by doing.

We at the Hedgehog Company take an entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary approach to realize sustainability together with our partners. Our dot on the horizon is a climate neutral 2030. Not by making consultancy reports that end up in the drawer, but by creating a targeted, feasible and affordable impact!

We often hear time, money and knowledge as elements that are necessary to achieve this impact. Through our entrepreneurial approach, we ensure that you can save time for as little money as possible with subsidies and cost savings. And we have the knowledge ourselves.

We offer various separate services, or combine them with you to create a ROADMAP2030, climate neutral in 2030.
In this video: What is our ROADMAP to a CO2-neutral 2030?

Meet our heroes who want to make an impact with you!

One is a bit more handy in calculating life cycles, the other a bit more handy in zero-emission planning. But they have one thing in common: one by one, our team members possess an entrepreneurial spirit that makes sustainable solutions feasible and affordable. Read their personal missions and ambitions.










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